F... this I'm going to the Un-School




Quick flashback

The starting point of this incredible experience as an Un-School Fellow was in January 2014 Melbourne, Australia at the National Gallery of Victoria, at an exhibition called MELBOURNE NOW and part of this was

thesecretlifeofthings.com, with two tiny animations by Leyla Acaroglu.

Right at the museum shop I found one of Leyla's inspiring game changers, the Design Playing Cards. Quite simple, but effective, brain-activating. I explored further, watched her inspiring TED talk 'Paper beats plastics? How to rethink environmental folklore'. All of this struck a chord with me.


In 2014 Leyla and her team established the Un-School of disruptive Design, an experimental knowledge lab for creative rebels and change agents based in New York City (for now) offering tools and unique brain stimulating educative experiences. I got really excited about making positive change.


Then in April 2015, I applied for the inaugural Un-School NYC Fellowship in June and ... I got accepted. Yay! So fast forward to June 2015 where I went on this epic adventure together with 16 other very talented fellows from 12 countries, inspiring mentors and an awesome Un-School crew. If you're keen to get more information about the organisational details, mentors and schedules you should check out the Un-School wrap-up in pics



or list of (Un-)Learnings to hack my brain for positive change ! 



Create a PERSONAL TOOLKIT: There is neither one tool to fix all problems, nor each of us have the same tools available. If one approach isn't working see what you can learn from that and try something else @heidisloane


CHALLENGE yourself, explore your fears. Step out of your comfort zone to drive you and your work further. Challenge to leverage change @Leyla Acaroglu. A Project is never finished @Andy+Ashley. Check yourself! Keep it real, always.


                   Workshop session with Natalie Jermijenko


Take on a SYSTEMS THINKING perspective. Everything is interconnected. The systems that envelop us are overlapping and interdependent - for better or for worse. Understand the connection between things. Leverage systems to pull out solutions to leverage change. Everything is constantly in flux and ever changing @Leyla & Dagny Tucker.


SUSTAINABILITY: The goal should not be to do something 'less bad'. Create things that are regenerative @Matt Stinchcomb. 'Instead of being in deficit and fixing things all the time, tap into strengths and build from there @Carol Shaprio. Today's problems are yesterdays solutions (Peter Senge).


 Workshop session with Carol Shaprio


STORYTELLING as a tactic for change: find unique ways of SHARING the STORIES you experience with others (our secret task experiment). Your personal narratives are powerful. Be vulnerable and share @Heidi. You always communicate, even if you're silent @Lee-Sean Huang/Foosa. Nourishing others, empowering others to tell their story @Chris Chavez/prime produce.



Life is RESEARCH: observe everything. Difference of asking and observing. Social innovation suffers when people are misunderstood, simplified or stereotyped by outsiders @Megan Fath. Push through the froth! We often get way too attached to our first ideas. MINING. LANDSCAPING. BUILDING. Build an IDEA BANK with deep pools (rich content) instead of vast ocean (too much information, can be overwhelming) @Leyla


LOVE THE PROBLEM: embrace it.




RE-FRAMING: Changing the conversation. Make it fun, appealing, sexy ... move away from fear. Problems vs. opportunities.


COLLABORATION and EMPOWERMENT of others can amplify change. You are not alone in the quest to change the world for the better. How do shall we interact? How do shall we educate? What about new ways of designing educational systems? for instance MPC/Guatemala City @Zac.


Mind-Board/Life cycle analysis: Team I/24h challenge, Adam Little, Meli Scioli, Sara Sanchez & Sabine Fleischmann


PROTOTYPING is just another language to utilise: quick, dirty and fast (rinse and repeat) @Bec. Adopt a Do-Philosophy. Ideas are pointless unless you put them into action! Get feedback and evolve the idea.


TRUST: in your intuition, in others (@Un-School). Trust in the process (@24h challenge team I)


SYNTHESIS of insights: These are things out of the Un-School fellowship week, that I'd like to build my practice. These should be constantly maintained and will be the language to articulate my work in an iterative process.


Every idea starts with planting a seed.

See ya soon.


@Kiri Dicker I've completely failed to be in time

(regarding our peer teaching session),

but now, this it is: my first blog post.

@Bec McMaster Thank you Bec for proofreading!



















































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